To activate an action by default and permanently in the Autostart, please open the settings of the corresponding PDFMAILER printer via the PDFMAILER Manager.

Go to "Start->Programs->gotomaxx PDFMAILER Manager". There click on "Printer Management". Open the printer settings of the desired printer by double clicking on the printer.

You will automatically land in the settings. Click on the action you want to add (e.g. e-mail). Now activate the autostart function in the e-mail settings at the top right (next to the X).

Make sure that the option "Save settings permanently for this printer" is activated. Confirm with "Apply". From now on, the corresponding action should be active for the printer by default.

This procedure applies to all actions except "Print" (printer forwarding). With "Print" it is sufficient to activate a printer in the settings. If the setting is saved with the printer selected, the "Print" action is automatically active in the Autostart.